Dana’s Funeral Parlor

It’s always important to have a backup plan. You might wonder what mine is, if this whole writing thing doesn’t work out. (Thank you for your confidence asshole.) While this is a silly thing to wonder, since my big break is obviously very close, I will address the...

Playing Outside

My daughter loves playing outside. LOVES it. She’s like a little feral cat, or a hippie. If I let her, she would spend 100% of her time outside, like an animal.

I’m told that this is a good thing, mostly by people in my parents’ and grandparents’ generations. If you listen to older people talk, they basically spent the entirety of their childhoods outdoors, and it turned them into wonderful super people, and it’s just a shame that kids spend so much time indoors these days, and GET OFF MY LAWN!

In addition, there are lots of psychologists and scientists who say that fresh air and sunshine are important for healthy physical and psychological development, and you need to make sure your kids spend time outside.

Ok. Fine. Since the whole world seems to think that being outside is the best thing ever, I do it. Despite the lupus, and the fact that I need a tub of hypoallergenic sunscreen and a parasol, I do it. I dutifully take my child outside to play, every single day.