About Dana Hammer

About Dana Hammer

Dana Hammer is a writer, a homemaker, a profanity enthusiast, and a lady. She has worked in many places, from gas stations to multinational financial institutions to yoga studios. She likes to try stuff.



Dead Viking Rehab (2019)
Pazuzu Versus the F***ing Fairies (2019)

Short Stories

The Unpleasantness in Room 27A (Published in It’s All in the Story, 2017)
Ali and Amy (Published on Cliterature, 2017)
The Story of Lorelei (Published in Murder in the Park After Dark Vol. 1, 2018)
The Difference a Thousand Dollars Can Make (Published on The Moon Magazine, 2018)
Birds (Published in The Rabbit Hole: Weird Stories Volume One, 2018)
Comminuty (Published in Pilcrow & Dagger, 2019)
Mow Bot (Published in Kill Switch: A Horror Anthology, 2019)