A Biting Clown

My short story, “A Biting Clown” is now featured on Does it Have Pockets. It’s a story about a clown who is sent to clown rehab for his inappropriate clowning. I hope you like it! Here’s a link.https://www.doesithavepockets.com/fiction/dana-hammer

My Right Foot

My long short play will be having a run in Hollywood, as part of this show. It’s about a woman with body identity integrity disorder whose mission in life is to have her foot removed. So she finds a disgraced surgeon and tries to convince him to cut it off. Get your...

Oluwale Now

My short story, “Playground” is featured in this anthology. Check it out! https://www.peepaltreepress.com/books/oluwale-now-anthology-poetry-prose-and-artwork-responding-story-david-oluwale