Festival de la Bete Noire

I submitted a play to Festival de la Bete Noire, in Montreal. It’s called I Live Here Now, and it’s a horror one-act about a man whose night is interrupted when a young lady enters his home and refuses to leave — she lives there now.Anyway, after being accepted, I...

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I Got a Book Deal!

Guess what? I got a book deal, as you might have gathered from the title of this post. I’ve just signed with Cinnabar Moth Publishing, and my novel, The Cannibal’s Guide to Fasting, will be coming to you in 2022! I’m super excited for this, and you should be too,...

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“The Date”

Here is a link to purchase issue #14 of Stonecoast Review - you can read my one-act, “The Date” in it! https://kellysbookstogo.com/stonecoast-review/

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There was a time in my life when I loved to cook. I loved learning about exciting new spices and recipes and trying them out in my tiny kitchen, in my 400 square foot apartment. I collected recipes from everywhere — boxes, books, packages I read quickly in grocery...

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Movie Friendships

It irritates the shit out of me in movies and TV shows when the new kid arrives at the new place and is immediately embraced by a group of friends, and now they are all ride-or-die besties.Like, I get that it would slow down the plot considerably to have the new kid...

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Between Your Wife and Me

Between Your Wife and Me I am in love with a married man. That is my tragedy. I love him with a deep and desperate passion that rules me. I want to own his heart and mind and soul. I want to rip the heart out of his body and caress it with my my small hands, feeling...

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The Horseman

Here’s a short story for you. It’s my imagining of how it went the first time a person tried to ride a horse. The Horseman Jalk was pleased as he looked up at the puffy white clouds. Those kinds of big, billowy clouds, like overgrown sheep, meant that there would not...

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Happy Easter

Last year, my sister and her kids came to visit on Easter. I was super excited, because cousins spending Easter together is wholesome as fuck. However, I was dealing with extreme nausea and vomiting, coupled with fairly debilitating lupus symptoms at the time, so I...

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Roxanne had just arrived home from the party, and her feet were killing her. She dropped her purse on the floor, kicked off her extremely high stripper heels, yanked off her bra from under her shirt, and collapsed on the couch. Her stomach sloshed, unpleasantly full...

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My daughter is slowly acquiring a cat. It started when the cat in question showed up in our backyard, peering into our house. Nadia, being Nadia, generously fed the cat her cereal milk. Now the cat comes into our backyard every day, and sometimes sits in our front...

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Premature E-Publication

  After much reflection, I have decided to remove The Taxidermist and Rosemary’s Baby Daddy from the world. When I published those books, I was an immature writer who knew nothing about the publishing industry. In my mind, it was Step 1: Write a book Step 2: Self...

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This was my daughter’s first week of T-K. It’s been a period of adjustment for both of us, as we get up early and go to a building where we learn the rules regarding weekly manilla envelopes and why my four year old’s shoulders are considered “inappropriate.” (I could...

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Raising an Extrovert

I’m an introvert. (Surprise!) As an adult, I’m comfortable with it, but as a child I got a lot of grief for it; mainly because a lot of the adults in my life thought it was a wrong way to be. So I resolved that if I ever had a child, she would be welcome to spend all...

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Oluwale Now

My short story, “Playground” is featured in this anthology. Check it out! https://www.peepaltreepress.com/books/oluwale-now-anthology-poetry-prose-and-artwork-responding-story-david-oluwale

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Ali and Amy

The Retreat

 Winner of the 13Horror.com Film & Screenplay Contest 2020!

Now on Amazon!

A mother and son are kidnapped and forced to spend a weekend with a religious cult.

Ali and Amy

The Binge-Watching Cure II: An Anthology of Horror Stories

Tom is a ghost, trapped in his apartment. In order to pass on to the next world, he must make amends for his past mistakes.

Pick up your copy of The Binge-Watching Cure II: An Anthology of Horror Stories to read Dana Hammer’s new short story – Tom the Ghost!

Now on Amazon!

Kill Switch - A Horror Anthology

It’s a self-operating lawnmower. What could go wrong?

Pick up your copy of Kill Switch to read Dana Hammer’s new short story – Mow Bot!

Now on Amazon!

Dead Viking Rehab

Now on Amazon!

When Haldor the Viking is killed in battle, he expects to be welcomed into Valhalla, as a warrior should be. Instead, he is sentenced to guardian angel duty, watching over his thoroughly modern great-granddaughter. In order to be admitted to Heaven, he is tasked with finding her a man to marry — and he cannot use violence. If he fails, he will be sentenced to Hell for all eternity. 

Dead Viking Rehab is a hilarious tale of redemption, love, and so many killings.

Pazuzu Versus the F***ing Fairies

Now on Amazon!

Pazuzu the demon’s desires are simple. He only wants to have some father-son bonding time in the forest, and engage in some light arson. But his sensitive artistic son wants nothing to do with it, preferring to play video games and befriend the whimsical, brightly-colored fairies who dwell in the woods. 

Pilcrow & Dagger: January 2019 - The Survivor

Pick up your copy of the January 2019 issue of Pilcrow & Dagger to read Dana Hammer’s new short story – Community!

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The Rabbit Hole: Weird Stories Volume One

A woman with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder is trapped in her home, when it becomes covered in birds.

Pick up your copy of The Rabbit Hole to read Dana Hammer’s new short story – Birds!

The Difference a Thousand Dollars Can Make

The story of a woman who fought to get a salary for homemakers, and the man who wants revenge.

Read Dana Hammer’s new short story – The Difference a Thousand Dollars Can Make – on The MOON Magazine for free!

The Story Of Lorelei

Now on Amazon!

Lorelei deals with her cockroach roommates.

Dana Hammer’s short story, The Story Of Lorelei, appears in Murder in the Park After Dark Volume 1, edited by Karter Mycroft!

Ali and Amy

Read Dana Hammer’s new short story – Ali and Amy – on Cliterature for free!

The Unpleasantness in Room 27A

Now on Amazon!

Where is the worst place to commit murder? Did you say “The Happiest Place on Earth?” Dana Hammer did, and she wrote a story about it.

Dana Hammer’s short story, The Unpleasantness in Room 27A, appears in It’s All in the Story: California: An Anthology of Short Fiction, edited by D.P. Lyle!