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Pilcrow & Dagger: January 2019 - The Survivor

Pick up your copy of the January 2019 issue of Pilcrow & Dagger to read Dana Hammer’s new short story – Community!

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The Rabbit Hole: Weird Stories Volume One

A woman with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder is trapped in her home, when it becomes covered in birds.

Pick up your copy of The Rabbit Hole to read Dana Hammer’s new short story – Birds!

The Difference a Thousand Dollars Can Make

The story of a woman who fought to get a salary for homemakers, and the man who wants revenge.

Read Dana Hammer’s new short story – The Difference a Thousand Dollars Can Make – on The MOON Magazine for free!

The Taxidermist

The Story Of Lorelei

Now on Amazon!

Lorelei deals with her cockroach roommates.

Dana Hammer’s short story, The Story Of Lorelei, appears in Murder in the Park After Dark Volume 1, edited by Karter Mycroft!


This was my daughter’s first week of T-K. It’s been a period of adjustment for both of us, as we get up early and go to a building where we learn the rules regarding weekly manilla envelopes and why my four year old’s shoulders are considered “inappropriate.” (I could...

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Raising an Extrovert

I’m an introvert. (Surprise!) As an adult, I’m comfortable with it, but as a child I got a lot of grief for it; mainly because a lot of the adults in my life thought it was a wrong way to be. So I resolved that if I ever had a child, she would be welcome to spend all...

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Happy Birthday Phil, I Love You

Today is my husband’s birthday, and as usual, figuring out what to get him is a nightmare. The man is hard to buy for. Everything he wants is astronomically expensive or something I don’t understand. Until an asteroid takes out the grid, my skills are useless to him....

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Ali and Amy

Ali and Amy

Read Dana Hammer’s new short story – Ali and Amy – on Cliterature for free!

The Unpleasantness in Room 27A

The Unpleasantness in Room 27A

Now on Amazon!

Where is the worst place to commit murder? Did you say “The Happiest Place on Earth?” Dana Hammer did, and she wrote a story about it.

Dana Hammer’s short story, The Unpleasantness in Room 27A, appears in It’s All in the Story: California: An Anthology of Short Fiction, edited by D.P. Lyle!